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Banned Monologues

Banned Monologues is working title of a multidisciplinary performance piece, instigated by the so-called ‘Muslim Ban’. The complexities of Middle Eastern diaspora and nonconformist British-Muslim identities, are addressed with songs, openness and humour.

Six monologues interweave family history with that of minorities and migration, within the Middle East, with folk songs in different languages (Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian/ Farsi and Ladino). Music and monologues juxtapose cultures historically in conflict, for example, a Kurdish song alongside a Turkish one, or Andalusian Sephardic Jewish (Ladino) alongside an Arabic song of the same era.

Shared the piece as a work-in-progress, with an invited audience of friends and peers in November 2017. 

Below Images:

photo’s from a post-performance discussion and feedback session, and still images from movement piece (2015) with parallel themes of identity and a shifting sense of belonging.  

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