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The Banned Monologues

The Banned Monologues is a multidisciplinary performance piece, inspired by the so-called ‘Muslim Ban’. Identity, namely, the complexities of Middle Eastern diaspora and nonconformist British-Muslim identities, are addressed with a touch of humour.

Six autobiographical monologues, interweave family history with that of minorities and migration within the Middle East. In between each Monologue, I sing extracts of folk songs from across the region, in five different languages (Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian/ Farsi and Ladino). Music and monologues juxtapose cultures historically in conflict, for example, a Kurdish song alongside a Turkish one, or Andalusian Sephardic Jewish (Ladino) alongside an Arabic song of the same era, or Persian Iranian song alongside an Iraqi Arabic.

I informally shared the piece as a work-in-progress, with an invited audience of friends and peers in November 2017 (when I was 9 months pregnant!).

Above clips were Kindly filmed and edited by Hermeilio Aquino of Kinography

Clearing up!
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